Drishti Lifesaving Services

Drishti Lifesaving provides professional lifeguard services on behalf of the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa deployed across Goa. Over 700 trained lifeguards provide dedicated service across every single beach stretch of Goa and internal water bodies of Doodh Sagar and Mayem Lake. Operational since 2008, it is a state of the art lifeguard program using international best practices focused on ensuring the best possible safety standards for the thousands of people that throng Goa's beaches and water bodies every year. Additionally, the company operates a Beach Safety Patrol providing beach marshals from sunset till midnight. The beach marshals focus on women's safety, assist tourists and deter tourists from venturing into the ocean. 

The service has led to a 99% reduction in deaths due to drowning and significantly improved the tourist experience in Goa. Over 3,000 lives have been saved due to intervention rescue operations. A sensitive and aware organisation, Drishti, has had a huge impact on the ecology of the beach by extending its rescue services to various marine life that get caught up in man made obstacles. 

Drishti is able to provide the high quality and reliable service by adhering to highest international standards in training and deploying the best equipment. All of Drishti's lifeguards are trained and certified by the Special Rescue Training Academy an internationally accredited training agency. The lifeguards are revalidated on an annual basis and need to maintain a robust on job training calendar. 

Today the service is being expanded across the coast of India. 

The Drishti Group, is a family owned and managed organisation with companies operating in various sectors. The Group broadly operates in the Realty, Emergency Services, Tourism & Lifestyle and IT sectors. It employs over 900 people and is headquartered in Mumbai.

Our various businesses are focused on creating value propositions that lead to a better society and have an all round positive impact on all the stake holders. At Drishti we have an entrepreneurial environment that fosters innovation and delivers superior results in all the businesses we operate. We pride ourselves as pioneers in our space. Innovation, integrity and perseverance are some of the cornerstone values that have become the driving force at Drishti.