Located south of Arambol beach, Ashwem beach is white sandy type and saved from the onslaught of commercial development. The hourly auto service to Tiracol can be used to reach the beach. Located about 30 kms from Panjim city.

Sea Condition – November to March
Morning : Calm
Post Afternoon : Slight

Sea Condition – April to October
Morning : Calm / Slight
Post Afternoon: Rough to Very Rough

Lifeguard Beach Station
Next to Ajoba Temple

Beach Timings
7:30 am to Sunset

Beach Popular For
Ashwem has quite a alot of restaurants along the streets that lead up to the beach. These range from Italian to Continental and everything in between. It is not only known for its posh food but also the shacks that serve food.

Ashwem is known for its rocks all around it carved by the shellfish. The view that the beach provides is one of the most beautiful sights ever seen. Ashwem is relatively less crowded which only adds to it beauty.

The beach is known for having groups of turtles coming up to the shores to lay their eggs every now and then.

Point of Contact